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Customer Service

Our servicing department would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for choosing SanDiego Homes.  With the waiting and anticipation to move into your newly constructed home now behind us, we hope to make your servicing as smooth and care-free as possible.


Before moving into your home, please read the following documentations to familiarize yourself in understanding what items are covered or excluded under warranty:

If you are uncertain as to your warranty coverage or builder obligations, please do not hesitate to contact our servicing department at service@sandiego-homes.ca and we will be happy to assist you.  Our job at the servicing department of SanDiego Homes is to rectify any warranted issues quickly and professionally.  A large part of our service work also depends on our skilled and trusted contractors, which our department will be sure to schedule appointments in order to complete outstanding or warranted items.  Though it may be tempting, please do not to approach any workers on site.  In order to offer you the best service possible, please submit all warranty requests in writing to our servicing department.  Our trades and contractors are very busy, and submitting your request to our warranty department is the only way to ensure that your concern has not been overlooked.


To Do List

  • Send requests prior to the expiration of your warranty.
  • Report your request for service in writing.
  • Be prepared to provide access to your home for repair work.  Note your days of availability or if we are welcome to access your home using a service key.
  •  If submitting service work past the warranty form, please save up your requests to be sent in all at once where possible.

Do Not Do

  • Report warranty items over the phone.
  • Present service requests to anyone other than the servicing department.
  •  Attempt repairs yourself or hire someone to do them for you.
  • Ask contractors to fix anything else that was not submitted to the office for review.

Should there be an emergency situation, please call our service number 1-877-982-7466, followed up with an explanation in email.

We look forward to addressing any concerns you may have through the first years of living in your home.


SanDiego Homes Servicing Department